Since November 2011, we are the official representative of Hoogendoorn.

The main areas of our cooperation are micro-climate control system iSii, as well as labor management and greenhouse work processes accounting software Nomad and Work-IT.

Our task is not only to simply install the equipment but also to provide quality technical support.

We use modern means of communication, so we stay in touch 24/7. Service consultants can communicate in English, Ukrainian and Russian, which, undoubtedly, is our great advantage in working with clients from post-Soviet space.

Every year Hoogendoorn invests 15% of their turnover into innovation and product development. They have their own research and development departments. They are closely collaborating with leading universities from all over the world, as well as clients, who implement innovative technologies. Therefore, to always be aware of the latest innovations and developments, our employees regularly take advanced training courses at the central office of Hoogendoorn in Vlaardingen.